Enhance your practice with AI.

Empower your practice by eliminating the administrative burden and optimizing practice management workflows.
Metta Health is a cloud-based service platform that simultaneously reduces operational overhead while improving efficiency and profitability by utilizing a combination of automation and artificial intelligence.

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— Welcome to METTA HEALTH

We're here to help your practice become more profitable.

We know it's not easy to manage the complexity of healthcare revenue cycle management in the modern era, especially as an out-of-network / non-participating / hybrid provider. We understand the evolving difficulty in managing what we call the “payer wall” created by insurance companies and healthcare legislation. First and foremost, we are dedicated to help you improve physician engagement and quality of service. We deeply feel that providers and clinicians who strive to continually provide the highest quality of care significantly improve the lives of their patient population.
Metta Health is a Revenue Cycle Management Consultancy for Medical Practices. Understanding that every organization is a unique situation, we provide a platform that features a bundled variety of services that includes specialization in billing, in-network / out-of-network payer contracting, IT optimization, scribing, medical record review & audit support, compliance, negotiation processing, and aging / untimely / old claim recovery. Our platform focuses on increasing collections, reducing administrative and overhead burden by tailoring a suite of services and technology stack that provides you actionable insights about your revenue cycle. We're here to help you build the infrastructure for adapting to the dynamic nature of the healthcare industry.

  • Medical Billing & Revenue Cycle

    Access our scale through mix of outsourced teams, AI, and professionals.

Metta Health provides consulting services for Revenue Cycle Management, IT, HR, Compliance, Special Investigations Payer Audits, that enhance the business operations of medical organizations, private practices, and healthcare networks.

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    Claims Denial & Negotiation

    Our proven process will get you paid more on your claims than you thought possible.

Accounts Receivable ManagementUnderpaid ClaimsInsurance ManagementCompliance Protocols Payer Audits

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    AI & Automation for Healthcare

    Solve repeatable problems with technology instead of your time.

Save time and money by letting Metta Health's AI-powered processes, reporting, and dashboards do the work for you. Make better business decisions faster.

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    Support Out Of Network Doctors

    Get paid the amounts you bill for as a professional.

Reduced administrative & operational costsIncreased efficiency & productivityImproved quality of patient careIncreased reimbursement & revenue

— Modern PRactice Management

Why Should You Choose Us?

Metta Health is a revenue cycle management company that helps organizations maximize their payer reimbursement and streamline their collection processes. Metta strives to deliver value-added financial solutions at a granular level, including reducing or eliminating payment processing fees and other recurring costs. With the help of AI tools and machine learning, Metta Health automates many of the tasks related burdensome workflows like denial management that occur outside of the functionality of the practice managements software. To learn more, please contact us today.


Giving Doctors Their Time Back

We aim to keep providers focused on what they do best by improving the speed of reimbursement collections.


Advanced Software Setup

We can optimize pre-existing EMR / PMS to give you a cutting-edge tech stack to facilitate automation and minimize transition times.


More Revenue from Insurance

Improve the way you deal with insurance companies and maximize your cash flow


Artificial Intelligence

Optimize your billing process with our AI tools and practice automation options

— Business Management

Out of Network Reimbursement

Our team is familiar with difficulty and complexity of the out of network billing process and can help you avoid any mistakes. We also work with in-network providers, but have specialized workflows to support doctors who choose to remain out of network and also enable providers who are considering the lucrative option of switching to out-of-network. Payers are keen on continuously increasing administrative burden to continue to convert as many providers, organizations, or facilities to in-network / participating status through contracting in order to control the supply and acceptance of the generally accepted “fee schedules” or reimbursement “rates”, usually defined as “usual and customary” or “fair”, which they will later use to support low arbitration rates.
We generally believe that if you have to use the word “fair” in pricing then your are likely not getting a fair price! With our subject matter expertise we do provide consulting support on all payer contracting, which is generally processed at a percentage or multiple of Medicare rates supplied by CMS. However, we aiming to arm our clients with the knowledge to maintain their own improved fee schedules and structures outside of insurance company policies, with the goal that the providers actually receive the lion’s share of the payment for their work instead of a middling processing organization.


Out Of Network 

We have a deep understanding of out of network billing and reimbursement.


Get Reimbursed

We have a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to getting you the reimbursement you deserve.


Free Consultation

We offer a free consultation to see if we can help you get the reimbursement you need.

New to Revenue Cycle? No Problem.

— Insurance Claim Revenue Cycle

Say goodbye to insurance claim denials.

Metta Health will help you prevent claim denials and manage appeals so that your organization can focus on the more important business of managing patient care.

Control Practice Costs

Healthcare providers need to fight back against the rising costs of denials

Reduce Time Wasted

Reduce time on denials and appeals with targeted education tools.

Customized Approach

We offer a customized approach to manage your claim denials and appeals process.

Full Service Offering

We offer a comprehensive solution that includes denial prevention, appeals, and billing support.


Practice Transformation Starts Here

It's not just about collecting your money. Metta Health exists to make sure providers have the tools and resources they need to manage every aspect of their patient’s journey, from registration to discharge. We help providers get paid quickly, stay compliant and do what they love – treating patients.

Metta Health provides tools for providers to streamline workflow processes. Metta Health helps providers to register and code patients and clean claims, as well as manage denials.

  • How do I get started?

    Schedule a consultation with us and let us give you a free 1 hour assessment for your business. We work with all kinds of medical providers and are passionate about helping people who want to deliver quality patient care.

  • How much do your services cost?

    We have many modules we offer, including Billing, Denials Management, Collections / Accounts Receivable, Artificial Intelligence, Practice Technology, Practice Management and Marketing. We meet market rates for each - it is important to us that you are getting an excellent value.

  • How long does it take to get set up?

    We can get started very quickly, but timelines depend on the scale and availability of your team. We typically can begin within one week to one month from our initial assessment, depending on the scale of your operation.

  • What is it that you actually do?

    We are Practice Management and Revenue Cycle Management consultants and service providers. We take over billing operations, support practice administrative needs, handle insurance company interactions, and can also recommend technology upgrades for a practice.

  • What does your company do with Artificial Intelligence?

    We implement automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence wherever it is possible to do so. Often a mixture of AI and off-shore resources are necessary to fully take over accountability for a process.

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